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09/11/2016      Lunch talk: Dan McColm Blandijn, room 090.036
01/03/2016 Lunch talk: Álvaro Hugo Salgado Rodriguez Blandijn, room 130.007
09/03/2016 Lingforum Lunch Vooruit
15/03/2016 Lunch talk: Cynthia Johnson Blandijn, room 130.007
29/03/2016 Lunch Talk: Sigríður Sæunn Sigurðardóttir Blandijn, room 130.007
05/04/2016    Lingforum Lunch Vooruit
12/04/2016 Lunch Talk: Elisabeth Witzenhausen Blandijn, room 160.015
26/04/2016 Lunch Talk: Hilde De Vaere Blandijn, room 120.025
03/05/2016    Lingforum Lunch Vooruit
10/05/2016 Lunch Talk: Niek Van Wettere Blandijn, room 120.025
07/06/2016 Lunch Talk: Joanna Tokaj Blandijn, room 130.007
08/06/2016 Lingforum Lunch
14/06/2016 Lunch Talk: Metin Bagriacik Blandijn, room 120.025